Drain Cleaning Services

drain cleaning services

If you are experiencing slow draining from your sink, bathtub, or shower drain, then you may have a clogged drain at the mainline in your house. This is often caused by hair and soap build-up overtime. To avoid clogs, you first need to find out if your sink, bathtub drain, or shower drain needs drain cleaning services. If you have experienced slow draining from your sink, tub drain, or shower drain, then an emergency drain cleaning service may be required. If you are dealing with a stubborn and persistent drain problem, then it is best to call in a professional for drain cleaning services to remove any buildup of debris and bacteria.


The main cause of clogs in your sinks, tubs, and showers is a buildup of hair, soil, and oils within the pipes of your toilets. These materials can build up over time and if not removed, will build a slimy film on the inside walls of your pipes, which then will cause a clog. Most people do not know that these deposits are not just a problem when it comes to the toilet and drains cleaning services. They can be hazardous to your health. Excessive grease and dirt within your sewer pipes may cause roots to break through, and when this happens the drain may burst, causing severe damage to your sewer system, pipes, and fixtures.

One reason why drains become clogged is that people try to unclog them by hand. While this may seem easier said than done, it is a dangerous way to unclog a drain. Using a plunger or an air compressor to blast air into a blocked drain can oftentimes result in more debris being retained in the pipes. After some time, if you are not careful, these remnants can become lodged in the pipes themselves, and this can cause the pipes to become blocked even more easily. If the plunger is not used for long enough, the plunger may break through the blockage and cause a larger hole to form.

Another reason why drain cleaning services are necessary is because of how pipes are built. First, they are lined with the insulator, epoxy, or rubber called an insulating liner. The liners make sure that the liquid that travels through the pipes does not get too hot or cold. Secondly, the drain pipes are surrounded by a thick, epoxy board, called a deck. Finally, the pipes are encased in a cast iron or steel liner. If any of these three things are compromised, the drain will become clogged and will require professional plumbers to come and remove the blockage from the pipes.

drain cleaning services

Hiring a Plumber

Some people assume that when they call a plumber to have their drains fixed, they are just being gentler to their homes. This may not be true, especially when it comes to older homes or apartments that do not have the latest systems for dealing with sewage systems. If a plumber is sent to deal with the situation, he will most likely just take care of it using newer technology.

Sometimes, drain cleaning services might include the use of chemicals. These are most often used in septic system cases where a blockage has caused sewage to back up into the basement. Some chemicals used are caustic soda and other abrasive substances that can eat through the lining of the drain pipes. Others are drain cleaning agents that will dissolve deposits inside the pipes and allow them to move freely so that they can be flushed away. Still, others are drain cleaning solutions that can deal with serious blockages.

When you are faced with a plumbing emergency, you will want to take advantage of any of the drain cleaning services that your plumbing company offers. Any type of damage or blockage that is caused by the pipes in your home can be dangerous. That is why you should take every precaution to address the problem as quickly as possible. You could end up with a higher bill if you attempt to fix the problem yourself, but you might also find that the emergency drain cleaning services that your plumbing company provides are exactly what you need.

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